Bloom Share

Treat yourself and someone else in our community to fresh flowers weekly with our one-for-one flower subscription. Each week, for the duration of your Bloom Share, you’ll receive a market-style bouquet in a glass jar that’s overflowing with freshly harvested blooms. For every bouquet you pick up, Soul Friend Flowers will deliver a bouquet to Kitchen Angels.


How it Works

Select the duration of your Bloom Share (8 weeks or 4 weeks). Pick up your fresh bouqeut each week on a selected day (Monday or Tuesday) between 4pm-7pm at Soul Friend Flowers, located in the Barrio La Canada neighborhood in Santa Fe. We’ll send you the address in a confirmation email.

Bloom Share is a one-for-one flower subscriptions, which means that for every bouquet that you pick up, Soul Friend Flowers will deliver an additional fresh bouquet to Kitchen Angels, a non profit organization that prepares and delivers free, nutritious meals to Northern New Mexicans who are homebound and facing life challenging illnesses and conditions. Thank you for supporting our community with flowers!

What to Expect

Soul Friend Flowers depends on nature's cylces to inform what's ready to harvest. It's our top priority to ensure that bouquets are filled with fresh, bright and soul-giving flowers. Each week's bouquet will be different from the next and depending on the weather some will be larger than others. We appreciate your understanding and support. 

Pick Up Options

Indicate above which day is best for your weekly pick- ups. Options include Monday and Tuesday of each week between 4pm-7pm. Your pick up day should be consistent. If changes need to be made, please email us at We'll do the best we can to accomedate your needs.

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